All the Links I’ve Ever Shared

Because who wants to comb through a blog when you can come here instead?

The Basics:

H.A.L.T.E.R. (Handicapped Athletes Learning to Enjoy Riding)

PATH Int’l

Wofford Newsroom

Wofford Today magazine

Wofford Old Gold & Black newspaper

Wofford Equestrian twitter

Wofford Equestrian Facebook

Clear View Farm

Tryon International Equestrian Center

Gladiator Polo


The Specifics: 

Getting it Right

Flow: A journey through history and culture on the Appalachian Trail (documentary)

HALTER for Life

HALTER feeding video

South Carolina Press Association 4th place feature story

Running with Fast Horses

Gladiator Polo Debut match at TIEC

Bear sighting in Landrum, SC

Scientist pronounce GBR dead at 25 million

We are still in: The plan to keep U.S. in line with the Paris accord

350 mayors adopt Paris climate accord after U.S. pulls out

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Plastic Free July 

Bee’s Wrap

Cows, Methane, and Global Warming

The most climate-damaging foods

Beat the Microbead app

Five reasons to shop at thrift stores

H&M Recycled clothing program

Spartanburg Herald Journal byline

Got any links you think I’d like? Comment below!


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