Straight outta parking

Here’s a recent article I wrote for the Old Gold & Black’s first issue of the semester! Be sure to check out the entirety of the paper at

Wofford College

By: Sarah Madden, Senior Writer

When students arrived on campus this fall, it quickly became evident that parking would be a challenge – as evidenced by creative parking jobs and a dramatic spike in tickets written by Campus Safety.

While some students were angry about the situation, senior Zach Morrow decided to make light of the situation. He posted on Instagram that Wofford is “Straight Outta Parking” – showing the mound of dirt that will eventually be replaced by the new Greek Village.

“Hopefully the Cummings Street lot will handle the excess volume of cars once completed, even if the location is sub optimal. I’m trying to stay positive,” says Morrow. “The parking situation provides a bonding opportunity for the Wofford community, an element of surprise– ‘what are the odds I find a spot here?’– better Fitbit stats and a chance to engage with the Spartanburg community on the perimeter of campus.”

President Nayef Samhat sent out an e-mail thanking students for their patience and encouraging them to enjoy…

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Sarah Madden

A PR and Marketing Coordinator at Tryon International Equestrian Center, I graduated from Wofford College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in both English and environmental studies. I'm a Wofford College Equestrian Team alumna, a PATH Int'l Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor, and my spare time, enjoy trail riding my American Saddlebred mare, Dancer. Oh, and I've got an awesome three-legged dog for a roommate.

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