“Getting it Right”

Congrats to the 94 Wofford women from the class of 2015, who graduated this May with a STEM degree (science, technology, engineering and math)! I have never interviewed so many people for an article. While this article only highlights a few of my interviewees, I hope it portrays how awesome it is that Wofford defies national trends in STEM fields. These Wofford women have inspired me and I hope they inspire my readers, too! Their stories were incredible and sometimes shocking:

“I always liked math, but some teachers in high school told me, ‘You’re not really good at it. You might not want to major in math in college,’” says Hemleben, an undiscouraged mathematics major with an emphasis in computer science from Columbus, Ohio. “I just kept taking math classes at Wofford, and I did well.”

So well that Hemleben was accepted into the Ph.D. program in robotics at Oregon State University. She begins in the fall.

The link to “Getting it Right” can be found here. Enjoy!

*photo taken from Wofford Today online article*


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Sarah Madden

A PR and Marketing Coordinator at Tryon International Equestrian Center, I graduated from Wofford College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in both English and environmental studies. I'm a Wofford College Equestrian Team alumna, a PATH Int'l Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor, and my spare time, enjoy trail riding my American Saddlebred mare, Dancer. Oh, and I've got an awesome three-legged dog for a roommate.

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