“The Why behind the What”

img_5827x1I’m a college junior majoring in English and Environmental Studies, I write news releases for the marketing and communications department at Wofford, I’m a senior writer for the Old Gold & Black, I’m a published poet and essayist (both contest winners but not much to be proud of, really), I first wrote a book when I was about nine and I’m always journaling to clear my head – yet until this very moment, I haven’t been a blogger. Here’s to changing that.

What will you find here? Good question!

1. You’re going to hear a lot from me about horses. As you might have guessed, I’m an equestrian. I grew up riding Saddleseat, transitioned to hunt seat in college in order to help start Wofford’s IHSA equestrian team, and I am a PATH Int’l certified therapeutic riding instructor (I teach special needs clients to ride horses as a form of therapy – dream job!!). When I was fourteen I rescued a three year-old ASB mare, Dancer, from slaughter – I could write an entire book on the six years we’ve spent together since then, and she’s not going anywhere. We love trail riding and we are both learning to jump, but our favorite thing to do is play tag in the pasture.

Horses mean so much to me – but you might not guess why. One of the main reasons I teach therapeutic riding is that riding is also my therapy; riding is one of the few sports my body can tolerate, since I have a myriad of arthritic and asthmatic issues and sometimes I even have allergic reactions to cardio activity. I am unable to participate in any form of exercise that involves running, heavy joint impact, etc. Riding is my freedom. I’ve found that if I can stay in shape to ride, I can be the athlete I so desire to be. I cannot run, but I can get a total body workout while cantering my horse through a cross-country field. Obviously, I want to share this kind of freedom with others… and I want to keep riding for as long as possible.

2. You’re going to hear about God. I am unapologetically, unreservedly and wholeheartedly a Christian. I am so sinful and so undeserving of the infinite grace I’ve been given through Jesus’ death and resurrection. I am convinced that there is nothing more important than living my feeble, fragile, finite life for Him, and I am always looking for ways to share stories of my walk with Him. I struggle. I sin. It’s ugly and I am bad at loving God with every part of me – but I am growing in Him with every victory and every failure, with every bowl of cereal, every crossrail, and every stroke of the keyboard. You’ll hear the Gospel a lot here, I hope.

3. You’re going to hear a lot of random stories – snapshots, almost – of my life. I love journaling my experiences at work, funny things that happen to me, moments of confusion, stress or pain, and bragging about other people. I guess you could say I like writing nonfiction short-short-shorts. I like writing news releases and articles and you will probably see lots of links posted here to my articles in the newspaper or on the Wofford newsroom website. I love to write, so I’m going to be doing more of that here.

4. Who knows, maybe you’ll even get a little poetry! But if I’m honest, probably not.

“It’s our job to move the world a millionth of an inch.” Gary Snyder


Published by

Sarah Madden

A PR and Marketing Coordinator at Tryon International Equestrian Center, I graduated from Wofford College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in both English and environmental studies. I'm a Wofford College Equestrian Team alumna, a PATH Int'l Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor, and my spare time, enjoy trail riding my American Saddlebred mare, Dancer. Oh, and I've got an awesome three-legged dog for a roommate.

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